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For one whole day we will take you to the Cloud.

And most importantly, we’ll do it for FREE !!!

Cloudyna 2014 is a conference organized by AWS User Group Poland, Kroll Ontrack and other groups interested in the Cloud Computing.

Take off on 06.11.2014!

We want to take you for one day to the world of completely new opportunities offered by technology popularly known as the Cloud. Our speakers will share their experiences gained while designing and implementing global, highly available and scalable solutions based on Cloud Computing in its purest form. If you are an Architect, Systems Administrator, Programmer or Project Manager sooner or later you will have to face the approaching Cloud. The requirements, tantrums and new challenges the Cloud, as a young and maturing the technology itself, poses in front of software developers. Cloudyna is organized to help you understand its complexity, interesting recipes, patterns, new approaches and techniques, secrets of design, implementation, testing and administration of applications in the Cloud. During the conference you will have the opportunity to meet and prepare in advance for the lurking pitfalls and potential dangers of the public cloud which our speakers have had the opportunity to face and they want to share these experiences with you. So … Poland AWS Users Group, Kroll Ontrack, our sponsors and partners are pleased to invite Architects, Analysts, Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Administrators and all persons interested in cloud-based solutions to Cloudyna – a conference entirely devoted to Cloud Computing technology, including the issues of design, development, testing, and administration of systems based on the Cloud.



Qubus Hotel Prestige Uniwersytecka 13, 40-007 Katowice



Introduction to Cloudyna conference

Adam Smolnik

Indispensable and inevitable change in thinking of Software Architecture, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance (actually required). The presentation should introduce audience into the essential aspects of Cloud Computing along with its potential benefits, challenges and new threats emerging.


High Availability and Disaster Recovery on AWS (EN)

Victor Pareja

In this always-on world, mission critical and customer-facing applications must be built with business continuity in mind. In this presentation we will see how to make use of the characteristics of AWS services and Availability Zones to set up fault-tolerant and highly available architectures. In a second part, we will discuss different strategies to implement disaster recovery with AWS services.

10.30-10.45 COFFEE/TEA

Cumulonimbus, or threat in cloud computing

Marcin Budny

Does everyone tell you how great the idea of cloud computing is and how it will make your job easier? That is true in general, but there's no rose without a thorn. The world of cloud computing introduces new categories of threats and potential problems, that developers, IT professionals and managers will come across when starting their adventure with the cloud. During this talk I will present a selection of problems my team encountered when working on projects utilizing Windows Azure. But they are general enough to be also relevant for other cloud platforms.

Lesson learnt – performance of Amazon Web Services

Wojciech Ryczko

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of functionality that can easily impress. There are many aspects of cloud computing, which are worth knowing of before moving infrastructure. During the presentation, I would like to talk about my experience with AWS focusing on performance issues.

11.30-11.45 COFFEE/TEA

Billions of sensors - new Era, new Possibilities.

Kamil Kozak

Every day the number of Internet-connected things increases, and we are not just talking about phones, tablets, or PC's, but also about lamps, washing machines, garage doors, and many other common devices. The "Internet of Things" market has just begun its rapid growth. According to current research, the number of devices that will be Internet connected by 2020 will be counted in the billions. The question is whether or not our Internet infrastructure is ready for it?

How AWS meets natural needs.

Krzysztof Sobczak

A story about Amazon Web Services, which satisfies natural needs of growing portal, and about iterative evolution of MyBaze.com from single instance on nazwa.pl to AWS cloud. Starting with simple hosting-like services EC2 and RDS, through SES, S3, ElasticIP, CloudWatch, ElastiCache, finishing with auto-scale and automatic deployment on OpsWorks, Elastic Load Balancer, Route53.

12.30-13.30 LUNCH

Amazon CloudFront in action

Piotr Miduch

In current world, users expects from web application high responisveness and fast access to the content globally. There are several ways to achieve this goal and Amazon CloudFront is one of them.
In this session, Piotr will go from description of the service to the real life scenarios where CloudFront can be used.

How to build your own cloud in 1h using Fuel.

Łukasz Oleś

OpenStack is currently one of the biggest OpenSource projects. It's installation and configuration may be challenging though. Even for experienced administrators. During my presentation I will show how to create production ready OpenStack environment in less than an hour.

14.15-14.30 COFFEE/TEA

Baking Bad

Piotr Klubiński / Marek Jarmuszkiewicz

Three scoops of byte code, four artifacts, ten users, five groups, application server and dozen services. Script it, blend it, click it, wait two days for access rights. Throw it all away. Take Cloud Formation, Jenkins + groovy, add a pinch of Salt and a bit if init scripts. Reuse it all how many times you want, each time with same output and within few minutes.
This is what our presentation will be about, how to bake OS image with minimal effort.

Documentation Continuous Delivery

Łukasz Górnicki

When you make a decision to move to the cloud, you think of technical details, architecture and tools in terms of software you want to develop. You should not forget about documentation. U'll show you how make documentation really a part of release cycle, start using existing development infrastructure and what tools to use to create awesome developers portal.

15.15-15.30 COFFEE/TEA

Building Cloud-powered Mobile Apps (EN)

Victor Pareja

Developing Mobile apps today typically requires handling multiple platforms, anonymous and authenticated users, dealing with connected and disconnected modes, while giving the user a continuous multi-device experience. Most often we aim to serve a variable numbers of users that may grow quickly and suddenly. We will discuss how mobile developers can leverage the new cross-platform AWS Mobile Service s to power their apps with just a few lines of code and benefiting from the elasticity of the Cloud.

Microservices Monitoring

Michał Zdziński

It is easy to write new microservice and deploy it into the cloud. But real fun starts when you try to keep it running 24/7 and still get enough sleep. You realize that you have to spot problems, before they happen. Check out how we do it.

16.15-16.30 COFFEE/TEA

Bumpy road from On-Premises to Software as a Service

Piotr Bochyński

How we went through changes in architecture , organization and mindset. Many companies want to move their solution into the cloud. We (hybris) started our journey 3 years ago, and we are almost production ready. Now we wnow that some shortcutrs we have chosen in the past slowed us down by months or even years. Come and can see how we went through several problems., what solutions we have found, what we've learnt from failures and mistakes.






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